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Welcome to Miami-Dade County Public Access Bulletin Board Service!

Effective June 1st, 2015, the Public Access Bulletin Board Service will be available only for Property Appraiser’s Office data files. County data will be made at the Mayor’s Open Data website at http://opendata.miamidade.gov at no charge. Please contact the Clerk’s Office for their public data services at clerksoffice@miamidade.gov . Refunds for customers with existing credit balances (other than Property Appraiser’s Office customers) are being processed by Miami-Dade County’s Finance department at ds1@miamidade.gov.

Note: Credits will not be returned to the customer’s accounts due to personal errors (such as; double clicking, opening file and not saving, duplicate data, etc.). Credits will also not be returned to customers who download data in error after Miami-Dade County observed holidays.